Heads Over Heels In Love

Kruthika X Mohith

That is the thing about friends, ain't it so? They can be world's most annoying or even the weirdest, but we still chose to love them with all our heart. And imagine spending a lifetime together, free of fear of being judged, no hesitation and definitely not an ounce of fear of having to pretend to be like someone else.


There is an abundance of reasons as to why falling in love with your best friend might just be the smartest decision to make while settling down. Who wouldn't want life to be full of epic adventures, hilarious moments, and an understanding that will never need words? And when love and friendship go hand in hand like it did for our lucky couple here, life is bound to be one helluva joyride!

Choosing the same professions but treading different paths did not get in the way of cupid striking. The friends-to-lovers paradigm bears much perennial relevance; as is the case for this pair, who got acquainted interning, developed a close bond over the years before sealing the deal with a promise of forever together!


“I think what's unique about us is that we don't really know when our friendship turned to love. It just came gradually and naturally. One fine day, after being friends for four odd years, I realised that he's the one. Luckily, he felt the same about me. 

So that's what we understood that we were destined to be more than just friends and I couldn't have been happier. 

I believe that you have a different persona with a friend and with your girlfriend/boyfriend. I was happy that we knew each other both ways. It only helps us understand each other better and grow in this relationship. 

So our marriage is built on a very strong foundation of friendship and love”, the beautiful bride, Kruthika says. 


Witnessing their marriage was perhaps another magical moment we will long cherish as is the case for most weddings we document. Agreeably, weddings are a glamorous affair, but guess what makes it all the more special? A bunch of fun loving family and friends- and oh- the ultra adorable pooch!

Bright colours, beautiful traditions, and a dash of good-humoured fun thrown in for good measure made all these festivities a feast for the senses. Kruthika and Mohith wed in a string of ceremonies so flamboyant and heartfelt at the same time that invited nothing but positive vibes on their wedding day!

This remarkably cheery wedding following a scintillating love tale oozed oodles of joy and glee captured and bought to life to be relived time and again by our brilliant team. Even the wedding day that is generally so high on the emotional quotient and full of jitters seemed to go by serenely. And at the end of it all proved that there is literally nothing more romantic than a couple who truly gets each other- irrespective of the differences, what is valued most is the mutual love and respect they possess.