Between Heaven & Earth

Canica X Vivek

Shot by Gayathri Reddy

The horizon is where heaven and the earth meet. And the merging of horizons is what made way for this blissful romance between Canica and Vivek. A match as beautiful as the setting amongst roses down on earth and as rustically divine as the abode of a heavenly being, this love story is an instance how opposites attract.

As years pass, memories fade and what better way to eternalise these cherishable memories than though photographs? Spicing them up further are pre-wedding photoshoots that are not only an opportunity for the bride and groom to let their hair down and get to know each other better, but are no less a blessing in case of arranged marriages- but it also acts as one of their first official dates. As was the case of our featured couple here, Cannica and Vivek.

Travelling to the exquisite location of Bhoganandeeshwara temple on the outskirts of bengaluru to capture their beautiful chemistry amidst clouds in print, we couldn’t have asked for a better spot nor a better people to shoot this.

Jumping at an opportunity to document something so special amidst a truly breathtaking setting, the whole experience was nothing short of being magical.

What we witnessed was budding love against a blissful backdrop of a magnificent temple complex, something that contributed to and enhanced the beauty of the pictures.

Couples choosing such rustic locales with a touch of tradition for perfectly captured moments are not hard to come by, but our bride and groom chose this particular space to shoot at for another reason altogether- for auspicious beginnings.

Being as clueless owing to their union being an arranged marriage, Cannica picked the venue so as to make a commitment of a lifetime at the altar of the Gods.

Located in the foothills of Nandi hills and hosting various powerful dynasties like the Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara Empire through the ages, this complex encompasses intricate carvings, immaculately preserved paintings and an altogether encompassing structure that spells rich history and tradition at every turn- something our couple yearned for from the start. The ornate, picturesque architecture, and pious environment offered was a delight both visually and to the photographer. 

Here are some un-replicable moments of their love we shot with the gorgeous couple:

And then the other flowers joined in to bless and celebrate this joyous union