That Hearthfire Kind Of Love

Geetha X Varun


The most epic celebration of our lives- weddings, tend to be not just exciting but mark the first of many more exciting times and adventures to come. And not to mention, there’s just something very captivating about two people getting hitched-two people, who love each other so deeply that their own joy and emotions make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.


Geetha and Varun’s splendid wedding events were exemplary in this sense.


As the D-day approached, our bride was overcome with emotions that she simply couldn’t account for- as do all life-changing decisions generate- they can be scary, even when it’s something you want.


Sans the light-hearted events preceding the marriage which our bride was much enthusiastic about, the moment of thali itself proved to be particularly high on the emotional quotient.

Marked by a holy thread being tied and sealing the love that you are to share for years on end, it is the singular, shining moment of the bride’s day.


These moments are ephemeral- as the bride herself confessed- as the auspicious muhurtham approached, she could feel goosebumps owing to how it was an absolutely emotional, fragile moment- signalling the unification of mind, spirit and body of both beings.


Something about that tiny instant of time stands still- a symbolic action of the ends of a thread being joined through a knot forming an endless loop representing a bond that can only grow stronger with pressure. Not to sound too cliche, but it undeniably adds an altogether new dimension to your romantic relationship with another person.