Labour Of Love

Jnanadha X Ashwin

Most girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day- but seldom is it about the wedding itself. Deep down, it isn't so much about the wedding as it is about the person you would be making your forever. Be it your wedding trousseau or the finer details of the day itself, they don't occupy your mind the way the first encounter with your soulmate does on the special day. That has always been the dream. A moment so profound in time- that heart-bursting kind of love you experience in that moment of time- is what it's all been building up to, all along. 


This could not be any truer in case of Jnanadha and Ashwin. Jnanadha grew up dreaming about her wedding and her knight in shining armor. And then, along came Ashwin, the prince she'd always been dreaming off but never realised was right in front of her the whole time. 


The very concept of marriage puts the fear of God in some of us. There are not less than a few hundred thousand questions popping inside our brains such as "Do happy endings really exist?" "Will all of this still be the same a few years down the lane?" but surely, these questions seem incredibly irrelevant when you marry a person you've known and loved for the most part of your life, your best friend.


Ashwin was that person for Jnanadha, and when this happens, there are no more questions plaguing your mind or troubling your slumber- for, the person you felt you couldn't live without becomes the person you actually do live with. Jnanadha and Ashwin's enchanting wedding that brought together two best friends in holy matrimony is something that cheesy romcoms are made of. The old adage is to be friends first before becoming lovers. And that successful marriages are built on friendship.


The result? Our Bridechilla, Jnanadha!!

Because when it so happens that you find the most eligible bachelor who also happens to the prince you always dreamt about having a fairytale wedding with, you would expect nothing less than a bride who's calm, gracious, fun and loving with no meltdowns or unnecessary drama. NOT a bride wearing the ‘bridezilla’ mantel as if it’s their right to go ballistic when the smallest part of her day doesn't go her way, but the bridechilla- she's the cool, laid-back, just-wants-you-to-be-happy bride who couldn't be more happier marrying the love of her life. 


Jnanadha's mantra was that she was marrying the perfect guy she thought she could only dream of and that was that.