A Made Made In (Beach) Heaven

Sahiti X Rudra

Our land is indisputably an eclectic mix of all cultures and traditions despite our deep rooted belief in rituals and practices of the old. And what screams offbeat and exclusive than a full-fledged beach wedding? 


The beguiling umpteen beaches in Goa make for the perfect backdrop as two families come together to celebrate, in the spirit of their union- as was the case for the beautiful beach wedding that was of Sahiti and Rudra.


With something as naturally beautiful as beaches, every single frame is sure to be oozing with breathtaking allure. Afterall, when the love you share is as deep and wide as the ocean itself, getting hitched on the beach makes for an absolutely obvious choice. 


Choosing "the one" is perhaps the most important decision you could make. It is a big deal- ginormous, actually. For some, it is after kissing many a frogs, but for others it is just that one moment or that one encounter.


Falling heads over heels for one another after being friends for a while, our charming pair realised that the opposites attract narrative was indeed true. 


Much like the classic soul mate quandary, people wonder if its possible to find both a best friend and a partner for life in one individual- and it is people like Sahiti and Rudra that set an example and make believers out of cynics. 


This deep friendship is borne out of respect for one another, acknowledge of personalities, and differences- these are the essential qualities of friendship, and out of this foundation is what a successful marriage is formed.


Their wedding was no different- as warm as the couple themselves and as memorable for everyone involved.

The sunset ceremony on Goan waters, an enchanting ribbon of blue on the horizon, the sandy toes and salty kisses all constituted this surreal wedding. Inside the mantap, being chosen and choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone who you will care for and a build a life together at the edge of an infinite stretch of the sea is nothing short of exhilarating.


Close-knit and with nothing but positivity flowing, Sahiti and Rudra tied the knot. This whimsical wedding was not only a deeply heartfelt moment for everyone present but was also all things entwined to make it one soul-stirring celebration. 


Captured as lively by our team here at Vijayeesam, with every aesthetic to its truest essence- you are sure to fall in love and get hooked looking through the pictures overflowing with joyous, effervescent vibes. 


Talk about true love!