Seas and Sands

Shot by Aakanksh

Nothing spells love more than spending time in the most romantic and beautifully exotic places with your loved one. This adorable couple made that experience extra special by getting intimate beach pre-wedding shoot.


All the sweet memories and adventures together just then became a lifetime of memories and keepsakes of their journey that they can look back onto with a smile.

Who knew that these gorgeous shades of orange would enhance their moments of romance?


The pre-wedding shoot reflected their personality as a couple and the beautiful bond which is added to their passionate love story.

They were captured in their natural elements that reveals the excitement of celebrations.


Nothing can compare to the bright and cheerful joy of young loves getting married.

What a delight to witness the budding love story..

Romantic and whimsical, yet delicate and refined moments of love


Watching these two being themselves on a remote beach made our hearts melt.

The environment was filled with high spirits and love.