A Royal Affair

Sohini X Nikhil

Shot by Vijay Eesam

Deep in every women’s heart slumbers a dream- that her wedding should be a royal affair.

It is rare to find a women who isn’t influenced by all those Disney movies growing up, wanting to marry her Prince Charming

But between then and now, we grow up. A lot of other things occupy our minds and hearts in the interim.

But our regal bride, Sohini stunned us with her royal engagement party- pointing out how you need not be a Windsor to host an engagement fit for royalty.

Whether it was the charm or the radiance, Sohini and her fiancee, Nikhil, emanated an aristocratic feeling of decadence on the day.

Their majestic allure coupled with Taj Krishna’s dreamy ambience is some magnificence we just can’t get enough of.

The entire evening doused in romance was not just a pleasurable sight to witness but also had an equally mesmerising feel to it. Consisting all the hallmarks of royalty, the majestic couple had put together a decor both lavish and elegant.

This couple believes that love isn’t just all about that one big gesture, but in turn is about the small things you do for each other every day that mean the most.

And this event too, was in par with this thinking of theirs with arrangements dripping with intricate and delicate details.

Sohini being a free spirit with Nikhil taking on a more balanced role is what constitutes this resplendent couple.

With quite the opposing personalities, these two love birds make for a picture perfect couple!

Take a look yourself!